Big Foot Golf Course Tour

Our beautiful corner of Geneva Lake has welcomed members and guests since 1924. Our golf course was built on moraines formed by the southernmost edge of the last North American glacier. The early occupants of our land were primitive Indians knows as "mound builders", they were followed by the Potawatomi. Legend has it that the mound on hole 11 may be a relic of an ancient civilization. Lake Geneva was originally called "Big Foots" Lake after the chief of the Geneva Potawatomi. The Indians hunted and feasted in the hills and woods around the present Club grounds and the seven pools that so beautifully adorn our grounds were sacred to the tribe.


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Hole 1 - Blind Approach

Tee Information
Blue   489
White   476
Green   459
Red   412
Ladies Green   412
Ladies Red   412
Par   5/5
Handicap   13/13

Blind Approach

An uphill Par 5, long hitters can get home in two, but a hillcrest makes this shot "blind." A good opening hole.

Hole 1

Hole 2 - Fountain of Youth

Tee Information
Blue   491
White   480
Green   426
Red   426
Ladies Green   426
Ladies Red   426
Par   5/5
Handicap   7/3

Fountain of Youth

Beware the lateral water hazard and "fountain" left of the cart path. An elevated and well trapped green. Stay below the hole!

Hole 2

Hole 3 - Lake View

Tee Information
Blue   302
White   302
Green   302
Red   229
Ladies Green   302
Ladies Red   229
Par   4/4
Handicap   17/11

Lake View

A great risk/reward Par 4. Cut the corner and attempt to drive the green or club down and play it safe. A sharp dogleg left.

Hole 3

Hole 4 - Double Decker

Tee Information
Blue   191
White   181
Green   181
Red   150
Ladies Green   181
Ladies Red   150
Par   3/3
Handicap   11/17

Double Decker

A well trapped, deep, and treacherous green. From front to back, there may be as much as a 3 club difference. Once again, stay below the hole.

Hole 4

Hole 5 - Grand Canyon

Tee Information
Blue   366
White   350
Green   324
Red   324
Ladies Green   324
Ladies Red   324
Par   4/4
Handicap   9/9

Grand Canyon

Hit your tee shot to an extremely narrow fairway. No traps, but the green is always interesting. Hit your driver down-wind and downhill and see how close you can get to the green!

Hole 5

Hole 6 - Three Domes

Tee Information
Blue   586
White   559
Green   406
Red   406
Ladies Green   406
Ladies Red   406
Par   5/5
Handicap   3/7

Three Domes

A long, dogleg left Par 5. A large two-tiered green. A good three shot par five.

Hole 6

Hole 7 - The Bog

Tee Information
Blue   447
White   408
Green   340
Red   340
Ladies Green   340
Ladies Red   340
Par   4/4
Handicap   1/1

The Bog

The no. 1 handicap hole for good reason. A creek in front of the green makes the approach shot treacherous.

Hole 7

Hole 8 - Ker Plunk

Tee Information
Blue   148
White   135
Green   122
Red   100
Ladies Green   138
Ladies Red   107
Par   3/3
Handicap   15/15

Ker Plunk

Two different tee locations offer plenty of variety on this short Par 3 to a well trapped green with a pond in front.

Hole 8

Hole 9 - Forest Glen

Tee Information
Blue   395
White   349
Green   310
Red   277
Ladies Green   277
Ladies Red   277
Par   4/4
Handicap   5/5

Forest Glen

A creek short of the green, two greenside bunkers, and a severe slope to the green makes par a good score on this straightaway Par 4. "Stay below the hole!"

Hole 9

Hole 10 - Hidden Water

Tee Information
Blue   371
White   354
Green   302
Red   276
Ladies Green   276
Ladies Red   276
Par   4/4
Handicap   10/14

Hidden Water

An uphill Par 4 with a narrow fairway and a creek at the base of the hill. A flat fairway lie is unusual and the target bunker should be avoided. Don't be left with your approach shot as the green slopes sharply from back to front and left to right.

DSC_0139 DSC_0168
Hole 10

Hole 11 - Indian Mound

Tee Information
Blue   408
White   400
Green   359
Red   312
Ladies Green   359
Ladies Red   359
Par   4/4
Handicap   4/4

Indian Mound

Carrying the creek offers long hitters a great angle for the approach shot. A large mound catches short tee shots. Getting up and down from behind the green is a challenge for even the most accomplished players. Maybe the toughest green on the course.

Hole 11

Hole 12 - Lost Horizon

Tee Information
Blue   462
White   462
Green   388
Red   388
Ladies Green   388
Ladies Red   388
Par   5/5
Handicap   12/12

Lost Horizon

Players are confronted with a steep hill directly in front of the tee on this short Par 5. The hole doglegs to the right and approach shots are hit to a very well trapped green.

Hole 12

Hole 13 - Long Trail

Tee Information
Blue   601
White   564
Green   468
Red   468
Ladies Green   468
Ladies Red   468
Par   5/5
Handicap   2/2

Long Trail

This straightaway Par 5 stretches to over 600 yards from the back tee. The bow-shaped green offers its own interesting challenges if you get above the pin.

Hole 13

Hole 14 - Devil's Elbow

Tee Information
Blue   368
White   310
Green   310
Red   298
Ladies Green   310
Ladies Red   298
Par   4/4
Handicap   14/10

Devil's Elbow

This dogleg Par 4 tempts long hitters from the middle tee to drive the green. Play the hill in front of the green correctly and your "short" shot may end up close to the pin. Local knowledge is at a premium here.

Hole 14

Hole 15 - Inner Spring

Tee Information
Blue   169
White   157
Green   157
Red   145
Ladies Green   157
Ladies Red   145
Par   3/3
Handicap   16/16

Inner Spring

This downhill Par 3 makes club selection most important. Hitting from a grove of trees makes judgement of the wind conditions difficult. A front pin location means three putts will come into play.

DSC_0056 DSC_0053
Hole 15

Hole 16 - Right Hind Leg

Tee Information
Blue   380
White   361
Green   361
Red   295
Ladies Green   361
Ladies Red   331
Par   4/4
Handicap   8/8

Right Hind Leg

This dogleg right has a creek down the left side of the fairway and a water hazard to the right and behind the green. Greenside bunkers challenge the approach shot. Staying below the hole is a very good idea.

#16 (9) #16 (18)
Hole 16

Hole 17 - Basketball

Tee Information
Blue   155
White   129
Green   115
Red   101
Ladies Green   115
Ladies Red   101
Par   3/3
Handicap   18/18


This short Par 3 plays straight up the hill to a severely sloped green.

DSC_0146 DSC_0140
Hole 17

Hole 18 - Try-N-Find It

Tee Information
Blue   438
White   426
Green   358
Red   358
Ladies Green   358
Ladies Red   358
Par   4/4
Handicap   6/6

Try-N-Find It

This long, Par 4 finishing hole requires a well struck tee shot and a very accurate approach shot. A creek that runs across the fairway challenges long hitters and the green is very well trapped. Par or birdie caps off a great round.

Hole 18