Caddie Information

Caddie Information



Dear Prospective Caddies (and Parents),

On behalf of the members and employees of Big Foot Country Club we are thrilled that you are considering becoming a caddie at our Club.  Our caddie program is an unbelievable source of pride for our Club.  Currently Big Foot Country Club has 19 alumni, 9 current Evans Scholars, and 3 Evans Scholars that will be enrolling at the school of their choice in the Fall of 2018.

The professional staff at Big Foot Country Club prides itself on providing the best training and opportunities for each and every caddie that would like to be part of our program.  Becoming a caddie at Big Foot Country Club will provide the opportunity to develop positive work habits, great communication skills, familiarity with the game of golf, and financial reward.  A caddie at Big Foot Country Club will be able to work outdoors while communicating and connecting with members.

Once caddies have gone through the required training to become certified our staff will work with you before, during, and after the season to help you become a better caddie.  This includes additional training on the course, discussing golf rules and course etiquette, tips to improve from loop to loop, and positive encouragement throughout the season.  We’d like to make your experience here at Big Foot Country Club a positive one and hope that you will be a member of our program for years to come. 

Please see the list below for information on how to get started and expected requirements.

How to Get Started


    • Obtain work permit after successfully completing all requirements.


2018 Caddie Training Schedule

Saturday, April 7th 10:30-11:15 Orientation

Saturday, April 14th 1:30-4:30

Sunday, April 15th 1:30-4:30

Saturday, April 21st 1:30-5:30

Sunday, April 22nd 1:30-5:30

Saturday, April 28th 1:30-5:30

Sunday, April 29th 1:30-5:30

Saturday, May 5th 1:30-5:30

Sunday, May 6th 3:45-6:00

Saturday, May 12 1:30-5:30 Make up day if necessary 

Thank you for considering Big Foot Country Club’s caddie program.  Please feel free to call me with any questions or email me at


Carsten Van Vuren

PGA Head Golf Professional

Big Foot Country Club