Golf Course Tour

Big Foot Golf Course Tour

Our beautiful corner of Geneva Lake has welcomed members and guests since 1924. Our golf course was built on moraines formed by the southernmost edge of the last North American glacier. The early occupants of our land were primitive Indians knows as "mound builders", they were followed by the Potawatomi. Legend has it that the mound on hole 11 may be a relic of an ancient civilization. Lake Geneva was originally called "Big Foots" Lake after the chief of the Geneva Potawatomi. The Indians hunted and feasted in the hills and woods around the present Club grounds and the seven pools that so beautifully adorn our grounds were sacred to the tribe.

Hole 1 

Blind Approach

An uphill Par 5, long hitters can get home in two, but a hillcrest makes this shot "blind."
A good opening hole.

Tee Information
Blue 489
White 476
Green 459
Red 412
Ladies Green 412
Ladies Red 412
Par  5/5
Handicap 13/13
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